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Question Men applying spray tans?


I recently just introduced myself in the Tanning Biz Newbies section. But anyway, I have a quick question. I , of course, am a Man. I am not homosexual (i guess the g word doesnt fly here..), I'm fairly good looking (I say that cuz I know a lot of women get self conscious about wanting to impress guys) and I don't think ALL women will be comfortable letting me see them naked/in a bathing suit/etc. I know that I must hire a female , so I have my clients the option of a spray tan from a female.

But I am a BUSINESS MAN. And I HATE paying some one else to do this. But I know its a must!

My question is, are there any MEN on here that do spray tans and what kind of advice can you give me so I can do the most amount of spray tans and not pay the woman that I hire? (obviously I want to keep her happy but also keep me happy)

What kind of situations have you encountered? Embarrassing Moments? How did you handle them?

Thanks a lot!

-Frank Salas
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Re: Men applying spray tans?

I'm a female technician and having been spraying for almost 6 years. I have never once encounted someone willing to be sprayed by a male (my husband can spray as well). I believe with most women it is just a comfort level. Some women even have a hard time standing in front of me, clothed or not. Some women have told me that their husbands/boyfriends would not like another male to see them naked, even if it is a professional environment. There is a male that sprays in the next town and i receive a lot of his business because women don't feel comfortable standing in front of him nude or clothed. I've seen everything you could possibly think of and it most situations i don't know how a guy would react to some of the situations. My only idea for you is to hire a girl to spray as well as you. If somebody doesn't want you to spray them then the girl could.
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Re: Men applying spray tans?

well, my husband has been airbrushing for almost two years now and yes there are some that do not want to be seen or whatever, but I do believe it is all in how professional you present yourself and making them feel comfortable. He does from age 15 to 80 and 100 to 400 pounds, just make them feel comfortable. I would recommend finding a few locals and give them a free one by you and get the word out that you wont bite, such as hair dressers, nail techs, etc. My husband also tells them if they would feel better to bring their spouse/boyfriend/friend with them. Just a word of advice, I would NOT (being a man) spray anyone under 18 without their parents on site. leaves no room for any rumors spread around by the kiddies.
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Re: Men applying spray tans?

Why do you have to pay her extra? Most salons just pay their employees by the hour and let their tech keep any tip she might get. Plus it will help with any personal life you have or want in the future.
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I love Derf!!
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Re: Men applying spray tans?

I am sure woman prefer woman but I do ALL the spray tans and I am a man. I do a better job blending and matching color than my wife and she prefers I do them. (i wish she did them , they are a pain in the a$$) The woman I spray are maybe a little worried at first but I am a professional and act that way. We don't spray naked but only because we don't want anyone saying anything inappropriate happened while spraying. My Wife is always in next room and the customers friends are invited to watch if they want. I've had huge woman and skinny woman, beautiful and toned or ugly and with bellies that looked like elephants skin.
If they want the best job, they go to me. If they are too embarrassed to stand in front of me wearing a bathing suit, then they must be too embarrassed to go to a beach too.
Just be professional, or get a spray booth...
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Re: Men applying spray tans?

I think its a good idea to offer a female tech, one idea is only book her on certain days and let the clients know she is working on these days, allowing them make the decision.
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I vote for DERF!
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Re: Men applying spray tans?

Some people may not care for a male tech in their home. We have a male tech at my salon for two years and it went well, only one or two turned it down. But he was good and had a strong following. But this was also in a salon environ.
OMG! I made a post! :)
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Re: Men applying spray tans?

I'm glad that you guys are getting a good reception from female clients but I must say that I'm surprised. I am still shocked by my client's modesty levels. There are quite a few women that I do regularly that are still really embarrased to get sprayed topless. They all do it but it seems like its killing them to stand there in front of me. That being said, I would not go to a man for a spray tan . I'm not modest and in good shape but I just wouldn't do it. I have gotten a few clients that went to a place in a neighboring town that has a male tech. They were not comfortable. Sorry fellas!! No offense to you guys because I know you are pro's but just thought I'd throw my 2 cents in.
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Re: Men applying spray tans?

If you are good at making people feel comfortable then you wont have any trouble. Anyone new is going to feel a little nervous even if my girlfriend is the one that is doing the spraying. Whether I or my girlfriend are spraying we always talk to them for five to ten minutes and explain the whole process and just kinda calm them down a bit. If you are full of knowledge and explain to them how its going to work they will mellow out. Me and my girlfriend always throw in something to the effect of "dont worry about being self concious because we are so involved in watching the application of the solution that we never even notice your body..." something along those lines usually works. I think anyones biggest fear is that you will be analyzing thier flaws the whole time and if you let them know that couldnt be further than the truth they seem to be comforted.
If that doesnt work then throw out the "look Ive seen enough boobs in my day that I dont need try and peep a look at yours"

When I spray a girl that doesnt want to go topless I have them wear the bikini top through the whole spray tan then at the end I have them hold the front of it and I untie the strings so I can spray those areas covered by the suit. When I am done spraying I leave the room so they can change clothes. I also have a couple women that bring their boyfrieds/spouses and when I am done spraying them they strip down and have their guys spray the areas I missed.
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Re: Men applying spray tans?

I've been doing sunless for 7 yrs now.. i'm a male, the *** remark is just uncool, to start with women just don't care, they simply want the best tan around! ... i'm also a Massage Therapist, Cosmotologist, Esthetician, and a spray tan technician... i have only rarely run into the issues you are speaking of here. Most of my business comes from word of mouth. I don't accept tips... instead i expect referrals. If you approach this business with a sincere attitude, you will recieve sincere business.... if however you are hitting on clients while spraying them then forget it... not only they won't come back but they are not going to send friends either! As far as what they are wearing, i believe the law states that all genitaila, nipples, glutual crevice areas are to be cover to start with! It should be in your tanning service disclaimer! ??? Don't have a tanning disclaimer???? Why are you in business to start with??? How about insurance???? Again why are you in business??? If you can't operate your business with the proper credentials, and license's then leave it to the professionals!!
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